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Where to find McAfee Product Key?

McAfee® Product key is a 25-charactered alpha-numeric code imprinted on the rear of the retail card. The McAfee® Product Key looks like: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

McAfee activate product key

McAfee Antivirus Activation & Setup

McAfee® antivirus is software which is designed to detect and remove viruses and other malware from the computer and other devices. It is the virus protection software which is used to secure your computers, laptops and other electronic devices. McAfee® antivirus is a code that finds and removes all kinds of infection known as the virus. McAfee® antivirus scans your device on regular basis for all viruses and malware. It’s very strong antivirus software which stops a virus from infecting the user's system.

For the best protection, the McAfee® antivirus should be always updated. Outdated software can cause the problem to your device. The new updates are designed to deal with all new virus codes. Of the major source of getting viruses is the internet. If you are using internet on daily basis without a good antivirus then it can create a huge problem to your device and can cause damage to your personal details. Today, most of the official work is done by using PC and internet. So, a good working antivirus is the need for every PC to provide good performance.

There are many McAfee® antivirus suites present in the market; you can choose the best one according to your system's need.

McAfee Antivirus Suites present in the market:

Services provided by McAfee Antivirus:

  • Virus and malware protection: McAfee® antivirus provides a leading protection from all virus and malware. It protects your device from viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, adware, and ransomware.
  • Data shredder: If we do not delete our data permanently, some hackers or criminal minds can gain access to your data. McAfee® antivirus provides a data shredder which deletes the data permanently that no one gets access to your information. McAfee® antivirus uses a sophisticated technology which overwrites the file content with any random data. If a hacker tries to get that file, he will not be able to read the original data.
  • Multi-Device Solution: The McAfee® antivirus Plus subscription can protect the user's multiple computer systems and other devices with one account. This means one subscription can protect your Desktop PC, laptop, tablets as well as your mobile devices.
  • Cloud-Based Console: McAfee® antivirus is a cloud-based service, which makes possible for a user to manage all the services in all your devices from secure McAfee® Antivirus Plus internet portal known as "management console". From this console, you can select and view all the devices which are registered with the service. It can also provide you with the feature to change and customize how the service works on your every device from one location. You can also add a new device and also delete the devices which are no longer in use. You can also change settings on a single device like changing a frequency of virus scan on your device. You can also update the McAfee® Antivirus Plus Account information and handle all account activities with one console in the cloud.

How to Install McAfee with a product key?

McAfee® product key is an activation key for McAfee® antivirus. A McAfee® Activate Product Key is a unique 25-character alpha-numeric encryption code which is used to set up McAfee® antivirus.

Steps to install McAfee® antivirus with McAfee® product key:

Before you start:

First, check all other security applications. If you have any other security software product installed on your computer or another device, remove all of them using the instructions provided by their product manufacturer. It is important to remove these security applications to prevent application conflict and bad performance.

Check for the older version of McAfee® Antivirus:

If you have any older McAfee® antivirus product on your device which is identical to the product on your CD, then you can leave it installed. If both of the versions are identical then the installer will skip the installation part and allows you to extend the subscription date. But, if the versions are not identical then remove the older version and install the new one from the CD.

You can install McAfee antivirus with two methods:

Web installation

Conditions required for installing McAfee® security product online:

  • When you do not have a CD drive
  • When your internet speed is good
  • When you are installing a multi-computer license on a second computer.

Steps to install the McAfee® Antivirus:

  • Open the product packaging and start the quick guide which includes McAfee® activate Enter Code.
  • Go to your web browser and open the link provided on the card.
  • Select your country and type the McAfee® Com Activate Product Key.
  • Log in if you have an existing McAfee® account or register as a new member.

Note: You can only use the McAfee® Activate Product Key once. If you receive a message that the registration number has already used, then try typing it again. If you have a used key then you are not able to install it. Contact support for help.

CD installation

Installing the McAfee® security product with a CD is the best method if your computer has a CD drive, and your internet connection is slow. Installing antivirus with CD avoids a long download time.

Steps to install McAfee® Antivirus:

  • Insert McAfee® CD in your system's CD drive
  • The installer will run automatically. If not, run Setup.exe from the CD
  • Read and agree to the EULA
  • The McAfee® antivirus installation will start
  • Type McAfee® Product Key from your CD
  • Type your McAfee® account details
  • Click finish

Some important notes:

  • If your web browser and operating system are not supporting the products available in the CD, then the installation process will download the most recent version of McAfee® security product automatically. This download will require an internet connection and may take more time.
  • If your web browser and OS are supported then, install from files on disk or you can also install files online.

McAfee Antivirus FAQs

Download McAfee with product key

You can get McAfee® antivirus on your device by purchasing it from a retail shop or the e-store. Here are some things you should check before purchasing or downloading McAfee®:

Purchasing retail copy
  1. Jot down your device specifications
  2. Check the system requirements of your antivirus
  3. Now check whether your device specifications are fulfilling the antivirus requirements
  4. If not then check for another suite of McAfee® antivirus
  5. If yes, you can purchase it
  6. Make sure you are receiving a legitimate key with your McAfee® retail box
  7. You will receive the McAfee® product key on the retail card inside the box
Online Purchase
  1. Download the setup from the website
  2. For online purchases, you have to provide your e-mail address. You will receive the key on the e-mail address
  3. Once you receive the setup and product key; you can proceed to installation.

How do I install McAfee with a Product Key?

For installing McAfee® antivirus on your device, you require the McAfee® Product key. Without this key, you can't complete the installation process. McAfee® key is like a tool that provides a legitimate subscription of the antivirus.

If you have a CD-drive on your system then installation McAfee® setup becomes very easy. Open your device and insert McAfee® setup CD on your CD-drive. Wait for a minute and a setup page will appear on your screen. If not, go to This PC and double click the setup for running the installer. Follow the given instruction and then the End User License Agreement page will appear on the screen. Hit the Agree and install button; the setup will get installed on your device. Once the setup gets installed on your device then you have to activate it.

How to run McAfee Unique Product Key?

After installation, the McAfee® icon will appear on the screen. Click on the icon and McAfee® dashboard will appear on the desktop. Now go to My Account. Enter your McAfee® credentials and log in to your account. If you don't have a McAfee® account then go to sign-up and create a new one. After logging in your account; visit my subscription. The activation field will appear on the window where you have to enter the McAfee® Product Key. Enter the key carefully (re-check the key before hitting the submit button). Click on the submit button. Hit the activate button and restart your device. Now provide a full system scan with McAfee® antivirus to your computer.

How to renew McAfee with activation code?

If you have chosen auto-renewal mode then your McAfee® will renew itself and the payment will be deducted from your credit card. The auto-renewal will take place a month before expiration and subscription will be extended for a year. But if you have disabled the McAfee® auto-renewal; you will receive a reminder a month before actual expiration. Go to the McAfee® dashboard and click on My Account. Log-in to your McAfee® account and click on subscription. Tap the renew McAfee® with Activation code button. A window will appear and choose the appropriate subscription plan. Hit the renew button and provide the billing details. Now check whether your subscription is expanded on not.

You can also visit direct McAfee website to complete your setup or call at 1800 3000 2454.

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